Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Download Latest GB Whatsapp Pro 8.10 (Anti Ban)

Hello friends, how are you all! In today's article, we will learn Latest GB Whatsapp Pro about what we get in the latest version of this GB Whatsapp. And how can we download this GB Whatsapp Pro Learn more and more in the articles below.
Latest Version Latest GB Whatsapp Pro Download
Download GB Whatsapp Pro

What Is GB Whatsapp Pro?

Nowadays Whatsapp has become an integral part of our daily life. Nowadays, Whatsapp is necessary. If you go anywhere, ask on the Whatsapp. In a way, Whatsapp has become an integral partner of our daily lives. Without it, stay a moment. It's hard to get.

So now we were talking about GB Whatsapp Pro. You will have downloaded and updated Whatsapp several times from PlayStore. But what you downloaded is a simple Whatsapp. There is no more feature in it. But the GB which is Whatsapp There is an advanced feature. GB Whatsapp Pro is a mod Whatsapp. This GB Whatsapp feature is created by some developers copying the official Whatsapp. This GB is not available on Whatsapp Playstore. If you have to download it will get the link below. From you, download Can do it.

Why GB Whatsapp Pro?

The GB Whatsapp Pro logo is preferred because it has a lot of features compared to official Whatsapp.  Developers have made a lot of difference in this GB Whatsapp Pro. If you get some more features, then definitely you will use this Whatsapp. It has such features which are not in any other Whatsapp.

Download Latest GB Whatsapp Pro 8.10
App Size52.36 MB
UpToAndroid 4.0+
Root RequiredNo


  • Anti Ban Feature Available
  • You Can Private Reply In Group
  • Increased Pin Chats Limit To 30
  • Enable Swipe To Reply
  • Add Stickers From Third-Party Apps
Last word - so you know about the latest GB Whatsapp Pro. So tell the person how to write this article.

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