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Sitemap Generator for Blogger | Blogger Robots.txt Generator For Blogspot

Sitemap Generator for BloggerIf you have started a new blog on Blogger. So you need to do many settings in the new blog. Which most people do not know. So there are some settings that we can easily do by going to Blogger Dashboard. But there are some settings that we need tools to do.

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Sitemap Generator for Blogger

What is Sitemap?

So, first of all, we know what is this Sitemap? So let me tell you, we can easily understand any websites by looking at them. But just by our understanding, it is not enough. Because we have to index the website on Google. And what are the things on the website? All these things can be understood through Google Sitemap.

So let me tell you that these Sitemaps are of Two types. The first is XML Sitemap for blogger and the second is HTML Sitemap for Blogger. But if we do not do these things and can also do it using another method. For this, we have to use Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool.

Sitemap Generator for Blogger

So friends, now we will talk about this Sitemap Generator Tool. So as I told you in this article above that you have many such settings for which you have to use some tools. So there is a setting in which we have to submit the sitemap of our site in Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool).

So for this, I have provided a tool of Sitemap Generator Tool for Blogger below. With the help of which you can create a Sitemap for your blogger blog and submit it to Google Search Console.

Many people use XML Sitemap for blogger tools for their blogger blog. So let me tell you that there is no need for it.

Generate Sitemap for blogger

Blog URL

How to Generate Sitemap for Blogger

  • Enter Your Blog URL in Box.
  • Now Click on Create Sitemap Button.
  • Now You Have To Copy Code From Box.
  • Now Go to Search Console & Submit Code in Sitemap Section.
  • That's All.
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What is Robots.txt?

So friends, now we know a little about this Robots.txt. If you do not know about this Robots.txt. So let me tell you that this Robots.txt prevents your content or part of your blog from being Index in Google.

Like if you want to index only the page or blog post of your blog in Google. And do not index the category of the blog. So all this is possible only through Robots.txt.

Robots.txt Generator For Blogger

By the way, I already told you that you are going to need some tools. With the help of which you can set up your new blogger blog well. By the way, you can create this Blogger Robots.txt in many ways for your Blogspot Blog.

But I have made one such tool available for this Robots.txt for Blogger. With the help of which you can create SEO friendly and SEO Optimized Robots.txt for your blogger blog in just one click. So I have provided this Robots.txt Generator Tool For Blogspot below.

Blogger Robots.txt Generator Tool

Blog URL

How to Generate Robots.txt for Blogger

  • First of all, You Have to Enter Your Blog URL in The Box.
  • Now Click on Create Robots.txt Button.
  • Now You Will See Some Code Copy Them.
  • Now Go To Blogger Dashboard-Settings-Search Preferences.
  • Now Edit Custom robots.txt Box & Paste Here all Copied Code.
  • Now Click on Save Button. That's All!

Conclusion - So this Sitemap Generator for Blogger | How was the post and tool from Blogger Robots.txt Generator For Blogspot | Please comment below and give your opinion. And do share this post with your friends and new bloggers.

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